Windows 7 End Of Life

Windows 7 was released by Microsoft in 2009, on the 14th January 2020 support for Windows 7 will come to an end, here we explain what this means and what you should do to ensure your business is secure.  


Windows 7 will continue to work as normal and you will probably notice no significant changes, but one thing that you’re likely to get fed up with is the marketing pop-ups from Microsoft encouraging you to upgrade to Windows 10.

From January 2020 however, some important changes will take place under the bonnet of Windows 7.  There will be no further security updates to Windows 7, already there are a number of known unprotected bugs and backdoors in Windows 7, this is likely to increase and any new ones will not be patched or fixed,making your PC vulnerable to attack. 

Your Antivirus and other Security programs will provide some protection, however, the effectiveness of these solutions will decline rapidly over time as the makers of these solutions shift their focus to Windows 10, which manufacturer is going to invest in patching old software? 

You should also note that a large number of software packages such as Microsoft Office and Customer Records Management solutions that now require Windows 10 to run their latest updates, we know that some of the Software vendors that we deal with are pushing our clients to upgrade to Win10 as their software will have issues with Win7, in this situation no one can support it.

You can learn more here:
Windows 7 End of Support Pop up
Windows 7 End of Support Pop up Message


There are two potential solutions open to businesses, UPGRADE or REPLACE, which solution is most appropriate for you? It’ll be dependant on the age and specifications of your current computers. We should be able to upgrade your Windows 7 Computer to Windows 10 from £75, but given the typical age of a Windows 7 computer, it may be more cost-effective investment to purchase a new Business class Windows 10 PC. 

Welgo can provide audit, advice and support in making your decisions and can provide both replacement Business class Computers and upgrades where appropriate, spread the cost, ask us about leasing your equipment. 

To arrange a quote or discuss your options please call the Welgo Office, or complete our Enquiries form here: