An amazing range of personal and professional dictation equipment and accessories


Dictation is an essential element in the smooth operation of any professional business. Welgo has been providing specialist dictation equipment to customers since the days of cumbersome analogue machines, but now the rules of the game are different.

Digital software systems including Winscribe, Nuance (Dragon), Diktamen and Olympus can take the hassle out of dictation, being quicker and more flexible than ever before. Whether it’s Doctor’s surgeries spread over three or more sites, a Legal Practice or Surveying business, sending dictation no longer presents a problem as dictated material can be dictated into a portable handset, microphone and downloaded onto a network at any location, or, dictated into an iPhone or Android handset and sent from a remote location ensuring that your dictation is received promptly and processed efficiently, essential when responding to clients.

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Welgo is delighted to offer a range of business equipment leasing options through its reseller partner, Kennet Leasing. We can help you lease IT products from £500 – £150,000+. 

Here are some of the benefits of leasing…

  • A Personal Response in 20 minutes…
    giving you the information you need to close the deal

  • A High Level of Service from locally based teams…
    to create stable business relationships

  • Same Day Payment of invoices…
    to return your working capital to your business

  • Competitive Pricing…
    because good value is important